Movie Mall FAQ

Creating an account/ Logging In

Q: How do I create a username & password?
A: At the time of checkout you will be brought to a page where you can either login or create a new user account. From here you can input your information and create your username (which will be your email address) and your password. At anytime you can also click on the Create Account link on the right hand side of the website, which will bring you to the above prompt.

Q: Do I need to create a username in order to purchase online through the Movie Mall?
A: Yes, all customers must create a username prior to their first order. Once you have created your account the information will be stored for future purchases so you will only have to login each time.

Q: Where do I login?
A: As you checkout you will be prompted to enter your username and password in order to complete your transaction. At anytime you may also enter your username and password in the login box on the right hand side of the website.

Q: What do I do if I have forgotten my username and/or password?
A: On the login page there is a link to have your password emailed to you. Your username and your email address will be required to retrieve your password.

Placing an Order

Q: Is it possible to remove items or change quantities from your cart prior to completing checkout?
A: Yes, in the checkout console there is an option to delete items from your cart.

Q: Will my credit card information be stored for future use or will I need to enter the information each time?
A: For the safety of our customers, credit card information will not be stored for future purchases. You will need to enter your complete credit card information with each order; however your billing and mailing information will be stored for all future purchases.

Q: Iíve made a mistake on my order, is it possible to make changes once my order has been processed?
A: If your order has not been shipped then there is a possibility to make changes to your order. Please contact the Premiere Ticket Department at tickets@kptmovies.com or (310) 856-1270 for more information.

Q: Will I receive an order confirmation? Will I receive updates as my order is processed?
A: Yes, you should receive an order confirmation at the time of your order being placed along with updates as your order is received and shipped. Tracking information (when available) will also be sent to you so you can track your package as it is en route.

Q: I would like to cancel my order, how can I do so?
A: If you would like to cancel your order please contact our Premiere Ticket Department at tickets@kptmovies.com or at (310) 856-1270.


Q: Do you offer any specials like free shipping with a certain amount purchased?
A: Yes, be on the lookout for special offers as they are presented on our website and sign-up for our e-newsletter here to receive exclusive offers.

Q: Is it possible to have my order shipped via the US Postal Service for a lower fee?
A: All ticket and gift card orders are only shipped via FedEx as we require the ability to track and offer signature options upon delivery. However, the Krikorian gift cards are available for shipping via the USPS, but Krikorian retains no responsibility for packages being lost or stolen.

Premiere Tickets

Q: What is the Premiere Ticket Program?
A: The Premiere Ticket Program is designed for companies, organizations and groups that are interested in saving money by purchasing movie tickets in bulk. Krikorina Premiere Tickets make great employee benefits, customer incentives, sales rewards, thank you gifts, account generators, referrals and marketing premoiums. Imagine your employees seeing movies for over 30% off the regular adult rate!

Q: When can I use the tickets?
A: The tickets may be used for any regularly scheduled show at any Krikorian Theatre, seven days a week. The tickets are NOT valid for LFX performances or Special Events. Please note that an additional surcharge will be applied at the box office for any 3DX feature.

Q: Why do I have to buy so many?
A: The Premiere Ticket Program is designed for those businesses, groups, organizations or individuals that wish to purchase tickets in bulk, thereby saving over 40% off the regular admission ticket price.

Q: How can I pay for the tickets?
A: Tickets may be paid for using VISA, MasterCard, American Express or a company check.

Q: Where can I use the tickets?
A: Krikorian Premiere Tickets may be used at any Krikorian Premiere or Metroplex location. For a listing of locations please visit our Locations page. (link to the Locations)

Q: Once I've purchased tickets what do I do with them?
A: You must exchange the Premiere Ticket at the theatre box office for a regular admission ticket.

Q: Can I use Premiere Tickets on MovieTickets.com?
A: At this time this is not an option. MovieTickets.com only accepts credit cards for ticket transactions.

Q: I can't use all my tickets. May I get a refund?
A: There are no refunds or exchanges once tickets have been purchased.

Q: Once I buy a Premiere Ticket, am I guaranteed a seat for my movie?
A: Your Premiere Ticket does NOT guarantee you a seat at any time. You must take your Premiere Ticket to the box office and exchange it for a regular admission ticket.

Q: Can I give my tickets to friends and relatives?
A: There are no restrictions on giving tickets away once they have been purchased from Krikorian Theatres. In fact, the tickets make great gifts and incentives.

Q: I've lost my Premiere Tickets, can I get replacements?
A: Unfortunately, there can be no replacements or exchanges for lost or damaged tickets.

Gift Cards

Q: Where can I reload funds to my Gift Card?
A: To reload funds to your Krikorian Gift Card, simply visit the box office or concession stand at any one of our locations.

Q: Can my Gift Card be used for ticket and concession items?
A: Yes, the Krikorian Gift Cards are always welcome at the box offices and concessions stands at any of our theatre locations.

Q: What theatre chains accept your Gift Cards?
A: Our Gift Cards are accepted at all Krikorian Premiere Theatres. For a list of locations please visit our Location page. (link to locations)

Q: When do Gift Cards expire?
A: There is no expiration on Krikorian Gift Cards.

Q: Can I order Gift Cards over the phone?
A: No, we only accept orders online or in person at one of our theatre locations.

Q: What is the average box office ticket price in my area?
A: For current ticket prices, please visit our Locations page (link to locations). Once there, you can select your local Krikorian Theatre to view their current pricing along with their current showtimes.

Q: Do I have to visit a theatre to re-load my gift card?
A: You may contact the Premiere Ticket Department representatives at (310) 856-1270 x118 for assistance outside of a theatre.

Q: Is my Gift Card good on MovieTickets.com?
A: No, your Gift Card may only be used to purchase tickets and concession items at our theatres.

Q: What happens if I lose my card?
A: Keep your card safe, as you would cash. Gift Cards are not replaceable if they are lost or stolen.

Q: What happens if my card is damaged?
A: We will be able to access your account via the card number printed on the back of the card.

Q: Am I allowed to pay using a combination of gift card, cash, debit card and/or credit card?
A: Absolutely. When using a gift card that does not cover the total balance due, the cashier will ask you what other type of payment you would like to use.

Q: Is there a min/max amount when reloading my card?
A: Yes, the minimum amount you may purchase at any time is $10, this includes re-loads. The maximum a card may have as a stored value is $1,000.

Snack Passes

Q: What is a Krikorian Snack Pass?
A: The Krikorian Snack Pass is a concession voucher redeemable for two medium (32 oz) fountain drinks and one large (170 oz) at any Krikorian concession stand.

Q: Why should I buy a Snack Pass?
A: Snack Passes will save you money at the concession stand.

Q: What theatre chains accept Snack Passes?
A: Our Snack Passess are accepted at all Krikorian Premiere Theatres. For a list of locations please visit our Location page. (link to locations)

Q: When do Snack Passes expire?
A: Krikorian Snack Passes have no expiration date.

Q: Will I receive Premiere Club points when purchasing Snack Passes?
A: You will not receive loyalty points when purchasing Snack Passes, but you WILL receive points when redeeming Snack Passes.

Q: Can I purchase Snack Passes at the theatre?
A: No. Krikorian Snack Passes are sold exclusively through the Krikorian Movie Mall.

Q: Can I receive replacement passes?
A: Snack Passes will not be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.

Q: Can I upgrade to a large drink?
A: Snack Passes are redeemable only for the specified items. There is no cash value or change given. Upgrades